Walking The Cheshire Ring Pt2

The second day of our walk we continued from Congleton Train Station at 11am with the intention of arriving in Macclesfield around tea time (6pm)
We parked the car near the Railway Inn
Walked under the main road underpass where my family tried not to appear "gangsta"
And were soon out into the open countryside
The sun was out, and we were looking forwards to another great day. Spring has really sprung, catkins on the trees, hawthorn sprouting leaves, and daffodils adorning the we cared for canal side gardens

In general the condition of the towpath was good, however there were a couple of muddy sections which made us glad that we were wearing our hiking boots.

These sections would have been impossible with our usual push chair - so it was proof that our new ATV pushchair was worth the money


The curse of the dreaded thorns returned with a vengence
5 punctures in less than a mile !!!!
This brought a premature end to the day just north of Bosley Locks. We called a taxi from Congleton and got stiffed for a £20 taxi ride (we had no choice)

Tommy had a great time throwing stones in the canal from a bridge

We aslo had a great picnic sitting on some recently sawn logs. They smelt wonderfull.

Next weekend we will have to park a car at Bosley Locks and the other in Macclesfield so we can walk the remaining 6 miles of this section and drive back to our starting point. Theres no public transport to Bosley Locks so two cars are necessary

Then it will be another long section from Macc to Marple
I've bought some kevlar tape to stick between the pram tyres and innertubes - hopefully this will cure the puncture problem which has become more than frustrating