A Stolen Hour

My life revolves round bottles, nappies and a pram at the moment - and after waiting for so long for little Tommy to decide to come along I'm not in any rush to get outdoors with a fishing rod in hand at the moment.

The poor little lad is only 8 weeks old, and hes already been round Clifton Marina, Broughton Park, Drinkwater Park, The Rochdale Canal, The Bridgewater Canal, and Salford Quays with his dad. This afternoon my sister who has been desperate for "a go" took him out with her kids for a walk in Heaton Park and I was suddenly presented with a couple of free hours.

After wasting an hour dithering about trying to decide whether to go on the MSC tip fishing for bream on a new spot I've discovered, or punch fishing on the Bridgewater Canal, I ended up with my lure rod in hand on the lakes behind home Drinkwater Park.

There were half a dozen other pike anglers  out in the Autumn rain - with nothing much doing apart from a 4lb jack between them. I did a circuit of the front and back lakes, then a trip up the valley to Waterdale with nothing to show for my efforts. Both lakes are still too heavily weeded for lure fishing to be effective - a  few hard frost will improve things no end.

Nice to be on the bank - even if it was only for an hour or so - but then again - I've got a new little pal at home and I'd rather be staring at him than a float.