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...and if you watch the video at the top, then read the background to the Kelham Island hydro scheme and wish that the good folk of Sheffield would learn from the terrible consequences of hydro schemes elsewhere and reverse the decision to plough ahead with their own hydro scheme, please vote on the petition at the top right hand side of the blog.  You need not be a citizen of Sheffield to vote. All you need to be is a citizen of the world and care about the life in and around the world's rivers.

...the terrible consequences of hydro schemes elsewhere...

The river Don, a natural salmon river, has suffered about 400 years of abuse.  It is an amazing example of how a river can come back to life if folks stop abusing it.  The saddest aspect of this scheme is that, after a few short years of improvement, the river Don is going to be set back to the impoverished state it was in, when really it should be getting all the help it can to keep on coming fully back to life.

You can give the Don some help by registering and voting your disapproval on

(Lifted from Regular Rods blog but well worth the copy and paste)

Another problem is that the noise from these small scale hydro-electric schemes may be scaring off migrating fish, preventing them from reachng their spawning grounds. See this article on the Settle Hydro:
Of course this problem is also very critical locally, where three hydro schemes are being installed (one already generating) on the Goyt, which has a nascent salmon run, not yet properly established. The hydro scheme may well ensure that the salmon run NEVER gets to be of any significant size.

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