Duchy Lagoons

The track down to the Lagoons is best described as "a bit rough" - which also happens to be a good description of a few of the locals down in deepest darkest Salford. But as you turn left at the end of the track - you get a glimpse of a wildlife haven in the centre of one of the UKs dirtiest industrial areas. Its a real green oasis - which you have to see for yourself to really appreciate. My description of the locals might be a little off putting - a better description would be hard outer shell - soft inner centre - like chocolate eclairs. The work these lads have done is incredible and the transformation they have made to the lagoons incredible.

The Lagoons have been over run and neglected for years prior to Salford Lads Angling Club taking an interest a couple of years ago. 1000s of tyres, a few cars and a couple of tons of scrap metal have been dredged from the depths by a couple of dozen volunteers and theyve now turned the place into  a cracking little fishery which is available to everyone for a £2 day ticket.

I set up on one of the central pegs on the main lake, fishing slightly to the right of a big pad of lilys. I used finely chopped spam as groundbait, and fished lumps of spam and 4mm soft hooker pellet on the hook to catch a steady stream of rudd, skimmers tench and crucians. A very enjoyable evening. There are a few lumps in there too waiting to be caught - as i got busted a couple of times by big fish which ran me straight into the lily beds.
Am looking forwards to coming back again.