All Quiet

From the lack of blogging activity you might think that I'd not done much fishing this month - but then you'd be wrong.
I've fished a couple of Salford Friendly fundraising matches winning one match in a howling gale on the Rochdale canal with a single skimmer bream on a match that was abandoned after only 2 hours as being unfishable. The next Salford Friendly match on the Old River in Irlam started well with lots of bites and missed fish in the first hour, then as the match went on the bites dried up and i ended up with 12oz of tiddlers to claim 6th. And the last match on the Rochdale canal on a red hot sunny day I had a 5th place again with a few ounces of tiddler roach.
The matches we have fished so far have all been on rock hard venues, and I am beginning to lose the will to live. We've booked another 5 matches - this time on venues with better stocking density  - so hopefully catches will be higher and moods lighter.

In between all this match fishing, I've been blanking on the Manchester Ship Canal - while those fishing around me have been bagging big bream, and on my last trip to Drinkwater Park - suffered a blank in a swim which was alive with fizzing bubbles from bream.

The only saving grace has been a few good sessions on Sainsburys Pond - where even a numpty like me can bag up.

I'm going to get out this long weekend for a few hours at various venues - lets hope i can get a decent bend in the rod for a change.