Longer Evenings

With the evenings getting longer, its now possible to work til 5 and then get a couple of hours fishing.
I visited a local tench pit (the one behind Blackley Sainsburys) for the last two hours this evening, and fished soft hooker pellets hard up against the central reeds to catch a couple of small tench, loads of roach, and this tiny little carp just as the light was failing.

Great fun, and only 5 minutes away from home.
For anyone who wants to give it ago, take care choosing the hook you use, I started on a fairly fine wire pattern, but despite getting lots of bites wasn't happy with the narrow gape of the hook and thought that I might do better on a wider gape hook, so I switched to a drennan super specialist wide gape size 18 hook. This pattern, though a wide gape resulted in bites drying up, I think the fish were put off by the weight and thicker gauge wire of the hook. As soon as i moved back to the finer wired narrower gaped middy pattern, the regular bites returned. I'll have a mooch around the tackle shop later this week for a light wired wide gape pattern in a size 18 and let you know what i come up with.