Trout Fishing At Pendle View

As I've been suffering recently with a bad chest - I didnt really fancy todays planned fishing trip with the lads on the River, so managed to persuade them that the trout would be obliging at Pendle View Fishery.
I've fished this water on and off for a number of years - its probably the easiest place to catch rainbows in the area, and they succumb on a regular basis to all tactics. Easy fishing, just whats needed when your all bunged up and only want an hour or two out of the house.

I set up using an elk hair caddis - even though it was cold and bright as the fish here seem to take off the surface no matter what the conditions. But i had no luck, and it wasnt until I swapped over to a white and chartreuse cats whisker that the fish took any interest in what i had to offer. I tried quite a few lures, even this old Salmon fly which has sat in my box for years and never been used. (it went back in after a dozen casts).

Plucks, swirls then the pull of a fish - a great couple of hours. The scenery was better than the fishing though with dozens of parasailers taking advantage of the conditions over Pendle Hill.

Though we all caught - the lake didnt live up to its usual high number of fish - probably because there were nearly a dozen anglers thrashing the water on the small lake. It always seems to fish best when theres only a few on.
Great weather, great company, and an enjoyable couple of hours fishing.
For anyone who is thinking of giving this place a try - dont bother with the Salmon flies - i was only messing about seeing what i could dig out of the depths of my fly box, trying something silly to see if it would work.
We usually use buzzers, spiders and small floating beetles on here for best results - resorting to lures if the fishing is slow.