Not A Just Reward

A few of us spent the morning dragging blanket weed out of one of our local lakes - prior to some further work taking place in a couple of weeks time.

By lunchtime, we'd all had enough of the hard graft and decided to spend the last few hours of daylight chasing old essox.

Paul threw out a dead bait - without any success (though he did get one earlier in the morning before we started weed raking).
Adam was working hard with various types of lure, and managed to hook into a decent fish which ran him straight into a big lily bed where it threw the hooks.
Nick tried fly fishing tactics, with this cracking looking white streamer lure - but also didnt get any takes, follows or pulls.

And as for me, I had a rod, I had a few casts of a lure, but was a bit knackered and my heart wasnt in it. I kicked back and enjoyed the chat and the crack with some good pals (well thats my excuse for blanking).