A Different Kettle Of Fish

For the last couple of years I've done a little rod race with a few pals to see who can catch the highest number of freshwater species in 12 months. In 2010 I had 24 species, and last year 30. I could have easily had 34 last year but by the time September came I was thoroughly fed up with the whole process as i seemed to catch nothing but tiddlers. Whilst it was initially good fun, I eventually realised that I was missing out on the bigger specimen fish which really give me a buzz.
So in 2012 I've decided to turn my attention to nabbing a few lunkers.
20lb Carp, 20lb Pike, 10lb Barbel, 2lb Roach, 7lb Tench (a big fish for the northwest) and a 10lb bream are my targets for 2012. I know venues where these fish can be found, catching them will be a different kettle of fish.