Church Gardens

I spent a very windy afternoon at Church Gardens in Bolton fishing hemp and caster for the lovely roach which are present in large numbers. The wind was so strong that i couldnt hold anything more than 7m of pole and even at that length I found it difficult to hold the bait still.
Nothing for the first 15 minutes, but once the roach got a whif of the hemp I had a steady stream of bites all afternoon long from roach between 6 and 12oz with most of them coming 6 inches off the deck.
Great fun, and I reckon that it will  be a great roach venue in the summer months when the fish are up in the water.
Only a couple of others were fishing, (sensibly on the tip) and they were catching small mirror carp on pellets.

How big the roach go - I dont know, anyone know if  this water holds a 2lber?