Blanking On The Quays

The Quays have been in the press recently as the controlling angling club are giving up their angling rights due to a perceived lack of silver fish in the venue. A very sad state of affairs, with lots of half truths being bandied about by many misinformed quarters.
BBC, Sky and Angling Times please do some proper reporting rather than repeating hearsay.
Due to the water clarity in the quays - its never been an easy place to fish, sometimes you can see them, but most of the time you cant catch them. A little thought about rigs and tactics is necessary to get the best out of this place.
I'm not going to give a list of fish weights - but i will say that there are specimens of all the main species to be caught if you put in a little effort.
The departing club have cited the fact that the place isn't overrun with easy to catch silver fish as their main reason for giving up the leases and creating a fuss - I think this is a disingenuous statement and my opinion is that a falling membership and harsh economic reality are the real underlying reasons.

Please dont stop fishing the quays - contact me if you've tried and  but cant get it right and I will give you a few pointers.
Please dont contact me without having fished the place first!

That said, a few of us from the fishing forum had a bit of a Christmas social on the quays over the holidays - and as you already know from the title of this post - we all blanked. 10 of us tried a variety of swims and methods - with the closest thing to success being a dropped run on a dead bait.

Paul and I stopped off for the last hour at Drinkwater Park which we have to pass on our way home - we eached bagged a mini jack pike  on lures to save our blushes.