On The Canal In Manchester

Overnight rain left the Irwell  with a good few extra feet on, so all plans for kick sampling went out of the window. This left me with a free day, so a few domestic jobs were completed and then an afternoon on the Rochdale Canal with Paul fishing a spot I've had my eye on for a long time.
Last summer I saw two guys catching some quality roach from this spot, and I've also heard reports of decent bream showing. So I fished pinkie on a size 22 over a small bed of micro pellets - and ended up with 2 micro perch which I didnt deign to photograph.
Paul fishing 10 yards to my right fished single maggot over a bed of crushed hemp and had a couple of quality roach to go with his micro perch.
We also had a pike rod out each - mine didnt get a sniff - but Paul got a nice little jack of a couple of pounds later on in the day.
All in all - good fun - and somewhere I'll go back to later in the winter when everywhere else is iced up.