Pommie Bashing

After a couple of fruitless trips to various local venues, I decided to go to the capital of Bitterling fishing in North West - Pollys flash. The Bitterling  (also known as the Pomerainian Bream) are a lovely looking fish, and it wasn't too long before i bagged my first Pommie in over 30 years using a size 22 hook and half a pinkie.

I spent the afternoon fishing pinkies in the margin, and I had quite a few more, along with lots of micro roach, perch and rudd.
Paul on the other hand, was fishing big baits (maggots) and had a couple of crucians. We didn't stay for long, as once the Bitterling was in the bag there was nothing really to interest us there.

I'm up to 31 species for the year now - the target is getting past 35