Agecroft Regatta

Sketched by L.S.Lowry in 1948, fished by Mike Duddy 2011. When I was a little kid, my dad used to make us hold our breath as we crossed over Agecroft Bridge in the car. The river was still grossly polluted in the early 1970s and gasses and odours often hung like a shroud at the bottom of the valley at Rainsough Brew. Now the rivers getting cleaner, I chanced my arm for a trout or two yesterday in a nice streamy run opposite the old Agecroft Rowing Club.
I ran a gold head and a spider through the entire 200yd run but didn't get a touch, but if i give it a bit of time I'm sure that I will get a Brownie from here at some point over the summer. I wonder what Mr Lowry would have thought about trout fishing on the Irwell?