Bone Cold On The Ribble

Sunday afternoon saw me on the lower Ribble with Tony and Pete. I lucked out by picking a swim that was a bit of a wind tunnel, and by the time I packed up for the day I was really feeling the cold despite the multi layers and neoprene mitts.
So thats the moaning over with - the fishing and company were excellent. Good laughs all afternoon and a constant stream of lovely dace to the net.

Tony caught this lovely fish - what is it ? your guess is as good as mine - definately not a roach - not a chub or a dace. They dont seem to crop up on other rivers, but on the Ribble they grow BIG and people often mistake them for specimen roach. I think they have been named CHROACH.

I started off using crushed hemp and caster in a block end feeder - and it didnt stop twitching all afternoon. A change to stick float brought me a couple of small chub but the dropping tide resulted in the inside line becoming too shallow, so back onto the feeder and back onto the dace. I wasnt complaining as the fish were going to 12-14oz.

My first time on the tidal part of the river - very impressed with the fishing