An OH NO!!!!!!!!! Moment

Last night, I'm very sad to say, I experienced one of lifes OH NO @%#!& moments. The realisation that after erasing the photos stored in my camera, and deleting the content of my computers recycle bin - the folder in which I thought i had stored the days fishing photos was EMPTY!
I'm an idiot :(
Under normal circumstances I would really be too bothered, but yesterday I experienced some great conditions for taking photos with a really hard Hoare Frost in the Ribble Valley. Also I had the pleasure of taking Paul out to attempt to catch his first grayling (acheived), and he also caught his first sea trout - and I deleted the pics - IDIOT!

A day trotting maggots down the clean gravel icy cold runs of the mid ribble valley, puntucated by lots and lots of hot tea and clearing the rod rings of ice ended with a 2 inch grayling, a lovely bright silver sea trout of about a pound, and then right at the end of the day a rod bending black cock sea trout of about 3lbs looking very bruised and battered post spawing.
It took about 4 hours and a hot bath before the feeling in my legs came back fully - brrr - but it was a fantastic day on a very cold river.
Paul - please accept my apologies - if anyone knows how to retrieve deleted photos from a digital camera memory card please let me know.

A few hours later - thanks to my clever little sister I have been able to find the missing file!Thanks Angela

Lots of hot tea

A little grayling

I should have brought some vaseline for my ring!

Silver and Gold

A battle scarred out of season cock sea trout ended the day.