Mooching About

With the snow beginning to melt, and most of the local still waters frozen solid I was hard pushed to find somewhere to fish today, and when I did find some clear water only fished half heartedly.

I've found fishing in melt water is rarely productive, but as always I enjoy getting about and about and fishing is only a bonus activity on days such as today.
First off was a quick visit to the rochdale canal in the city centre, but this was still heavily iced. So a quick drive down to Pomona Quays on the ship canal found some open clear water. It was still misty and bitterly cold - even this heron couldn't be bothered to fly off and let me approach to within only a couple of yards.

Nothing doing on the ship canal, so another short drive took us over to Salford Quays- which as you can see had a fair covering of ice.
No sign of any pike and getting ever colder, we took another short drive over to Brindle Heath Lagoons - where the ice was really thick.
Then off towards home, but not before stopping off to have a walk around drinkwater park and Kingfisher Lodge, taking in a little bit of the Irwell on the way back to the car.