The List 2010

So another year ends, as always plenty to look back on and laugh about, situations to reflect on, and happy memories to smile about.
"The List 2010" ended with my species count of 23 being pipped by Tonys 24, with Phil getting a very respectable 19. I found i had an increased workload from September onwards and to be honest getting out fishing regularly hasnt been that easy over the last few months. My record of 24 remains intact - though I've no doubt any of us could easily have beaten it given a little effort.
Highlights of the year, well of course it has to be the big brown from the Irwell, closely followed by the Schelley from the lakes. That said, I think the time spent on the riverbank with pals new and old, and the laughs we've shared together are far more important than catching fish.

After all our sport is angling not catching.

Tis Lucias birthday tomorrow so were off to Wales for couple of days break (fishing rods not allowed) so happy new year to you all.