A few sessions

Theres been a lack of blogging recently but definitely not a lack of fishing.
I spent an afternoon plugging for pike in the city centre at Castlefield but didnt get a sniff of a fish. A lovely place to spend a few hours though

I was at my desk on the last day of the trout season, when my dad rang to see if i fancied a couple of hours on the river. So half an hour later, i had my dad positioned at the head of what i consider to be the best trout run on the Irwell. Two fish from his first three casts set the tone for the next two hours as we shared 18 fish and some lovely autumn sunshine.

The weekend saw me chasing ruffe again - another couple of biteless hours - seriously driving me nuts. Am close to giving up - Tony has 24 species now to my 22.

A late night email and phone call from the local bbc radio breakfast programme had me up at Salford Quays at the crack of dawn, as the breakfast show wanted to do a piece about funding being withdrawn for the oxygenation machinery which is the only thing which keeps the place alive. I felt slightly cheated when talking to the EA representatives the next morning who told me that the only thing that was happening was that the machinery was going to be changed from the pumping of liquid oxygen into the water, to pumping air via a venturi system instead - a much cheaper and equally effective alternative. Seems like the BEEB had their knickers in a twist over nothing - or were trying to invent some news!

Thursday morning i met up with Phil, Tony and Lloyd for Big Daves annual stockie bashing session, on his secret venue in Shropshire. Great fun fishing for rainbow trout in a water FULL of big, mental, rainbow trout. As always i stopped counting the number of fish i caught - its too easy (but still fun). I'm glad i only go once a year, otherwise this sort of fishing would lose any sort of appeal.

Last Saturday I spent on the Ribble. I couldnt wade for long as the water was soooo cold. The fish seem to have switched off and the only luck I had all afternoon was this nice chub which succumbed to my maggot swim feeder tactics.

Tomorrow evening I'm off to Bolton Fly Tying Clubs AGM - a great gang, lovely company. I only go to their evenings during winter months.

Sorry for such a rotten post, I really should write up these trips properly but have been so busy with work and other projects.....
Like catching sticklebacks ... which brings me to 23 species for the year so far :) Sad but true.