Red Letter Day On The Tarn

I've been meaning to fish a certain Cumbrian Tarn all summer, but for one reason or another have never made it. So I decided it was do or die time, and that I would make the trip up there today no matter what the weather forecast predicted.
My early start, long drive, long climb and subsequent blistered feet were well rewarded by some greedy trout who kept me occupied from beginning to end.
Using a small swimfeeder filled with maggots, a size 16 hook and an 18 inch tail I had a bite every cast. Sometimes from a little 4 inch trout such as this one.

And sometimes from its bigger 12 inch cousin like this one.

My patience and fortitude fishing through some horrendous weather was rewarded with this little Ice Age Gem, which takes my speices count for the year to 22. Read em and weep Phil.