A Big Wet Disapointment

I had a free pass on Saturday - no work, no gardening/decorating/cleaning/shopping etc.

Fantastic.... i thought. I could fish a couple of venues and with a little luck, knock a few species of the list.

First port of call was at one of the flashes near Wigan where i was reliably informed that Ruffe literally launch themselves at a maggot, no matter how badly it is presented. After sitting for two biteless hours started to bitterly resent being given such duff information.

So I upped sticks, and a short drive up the M6 saw me ensconced on a banker swim on the Ribble. I tackled up with two rods, one maggot feeder, the other straight lead and a big fat worm on the hook - surely i couldn't fail to catch an eel could I ?

Trout, small chub and some decent dace fell to my carefully laid traps - not not an eel in sight. I am sure any Ribble regulars will laugh at my inability to catch an eel from the Ribbles "snig" infested waters.

I packed up at about 9.30pm in the pouring rain - a little despondent at not catching my target species, but cheered by some good company. Tony was trying out a new John Wilson quiver rod which he had spotted as a bargain on ebay - I am happy to report that he christened his new purchase with a lovely big Ribble chub - well done that mon/man.