Bad Luck Or A Lack Of Guile

Sunday Afternoon saw me back on the banks of one of the Wigan Flashes in what I have been assured is a good Ruffe peg. After 3 hours of fishing at different depths, styles, going down to a 22's hook with a 0.08mm hooklength my float finaly dipped. In my stupor/inertia/trance i didnt react just gormlessly stared as my float re-emerged. Shortly afterwards I packed up.

I'd had plently of options but yet again choose the wrong one. Tony had a great afternoon catching some big dace on a small Lancashire river. My friend Derek went onto my local river and connected with one of the lunkers for which the river is slowly developing something of a reputation.

The photo isnt great, but what a fish! 6lb 13oz of superb wild brownie. A fish of a lifetime - well done Derek.