The Best Laid Plans

How often do we dream about the perfect fishing scenario? We have it all planned out in our heads, ideal weather, river levels, the best swims empty, loads of bait etc etc.
Well yesterday saw me on the Ribble, with the benefit of perfect river levels, empty swims, loads of bait, lovely weather ... the whole shooting match.
I was of course hoping to catch some clonking chub and rod bending barbel.......... not a chance.
I must have had over a 100 small dace, and in some instances really small dace. The chub didnt get past 4oz, the roach didnt get past 2oz, and the brown trout might have made 6oz if it had been eating stones for its dinner.
Late on as the light was failing, there were fish charging at the fry in the margins, so i changed from my stick float rig, and tied on my new favourite silver vibrax minnow and proceeded to catch two lovely perch of about a lb each on consecutive casts.
The highlight of the evening was seeing the Salmon leaping about in the pool. There were some decent sized fish in amongst the grilse. I think next year might see me buying a migratory licence again.