Secret Lake

Thursday saw driving Lucia over to Leeds again - so rather than fish club waters on the River Wharfe, I decided to visit a lake which i know contains Grass Carp. This venue is only 30 minutes drive from the hospital where Lucia us currently working and I was able to have a good 6 and a 1/2 hour session before having to pack up. Its also got great mobile phone reception so I can fish and work at the same time.....bliss.

I apologise in advance though, as I have been sworn to secrecy regarding the name and location of this venue - It will have to be refered to as "secret lake".
Secret Lake is a fantastic, woody, swampy snaggy water which I'm told holds a good head of carp to well over 20lb and a number of grass carp of a similar size.

The kind friend who told me about this lake assured me that it would be deserted during the week and gave me strict instructions as to how I should approach each of the 3 swims he recommend for me to attempt to catch my first "grassie". Rather ashamedly I have to admit that i didn't quite follow his bait recommendations or fish the swims he recommended (though the latter of these two decisions was taken out of my hands as there were already anglers in situ).

The bait recommendations of strawberry or pineapple boilies went right out of the window as I didn't get time to buy any. So I tackled up with halibut pellet on one rod fished tight to the overhanging trees and cat meat on the other fished into the centre of the lake.

I didn't get a bite all day on the halibut pellets fished tight to the overhanging trees, but a caught a bream (up to 3lb) every cast on the ledgered cat meat...... so much for it being a carp lake!

When I was packing up at 3.30 I asked a few other anglers how they had been doing, none had caught any carp - so maybe it was just one of those days.

I've got list fever - so have generously offered Lucia another lift to Leeds one day next week - hopefully the grass carp will be biting. The prospect of beating my carp pb which is 17lb is also on the cards at this lake - maybe its time to buy some strawberry boilies.