Two in a day?

Nothing for months then two in a day !

I had no bait in the shed, and only 4 slices of bread in the cupboard - so three slices went in the blender and one into a bag for hookbait.
Left the house at 8.30pm. Strapped 5m whip to my pushbike, and was fishing on Kingfisher Lodge 15 minutes later. Packed up at 9.50pm - I could still see my float but was being eaten alive by midges.
Fishing punch at a depth of 18 inches, and flicking in the odd thumbnail size ball of liqquied bread I couldnt stop catching tiddly roach and rudd. I've never had a fish over 6 oz from this lake yet, and was intrigued to see bubbles fizzing in my swim. I think i will return with hemp and caster one evening and hope for a surprise.
Fished a flick tip whip for the first time in about 10years!