Casting A Line

Now the rugby season is over, Matthew now has the energy to spend a few hours on the river with his old fella on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Armed with fishing gear, wine gums and a can of Irn Bru we spent a happy couple of hours catching small brownies from the river. Fishing doesnt really feature on Matts top 10 list of favourite pastimes but hes a good lad who will humour his dad (I gave him a choice of long bike ride or fishing - hes a typical teenager and chose the option which would expend least energy).
Fishing a single grhe, we took a few little browns. Matts casting technique is unique yet effective but you cant beat the feeling of landing a beautiful wild little fish.

Monday evening saw me out on Kingfisher Lodge for a couple of hours after work. Rather than tiddler bash, I decided to have one last try at seeing if there was anything bigger lurking in there. Fishing a small method feeder with corn as hookbait, I only had one bite all evening from this lovely tench of about 3.5lbs.

After being informed by the housekeeper that I'm getting a pot belly I've decided to wipe the dust off my pushbike. This has resulted in my having a little route around some of the local lakes, and its interesting to see what people are catching.