Spring Equinox

Today was the spring equinox - the frogs spawned in my garden pond yesterday, the chicks are just about to hatch in my incubator, and I caught my first tench of the year.

After a bright sunny start to the day watching Matt play rugby, I was itching to get on the bank - yesterdays rains put me off trout fishing on one of the local rivers, so a quick trip to Maceys my local commercial fishery was the order of the day.

I usually use maggots at Maceys as they are a good catch all species bait, but as this year I'm trying to use them as little as possible and the sun was still shining i used a groundbait method feeder with hair rigged sweetcorn on the hook.

I waited, waited and waited some more. None of the other fishermen on the lake were catching, and just as i was resigning myself to a blank - my tip wrapped round and i caught this little 15oz tench.

Its easy to be precise about fishes weights now, as I've started to use a pair of digital scales rather than guesstimates.

Hopefully i might get to knock another species or two off the list on Friday when i have a day out with Phil (i should really take him Rainbow Trout fishing as he's already caught one :))
My side draw needs a tidy - untidier than Matts bedroom!!