Too Cold

Its been too cold.
I've only been out the once for two hours at the weir in Salford. Hooked a jack pike on a single hooked Jig - it got off.
Other than that - I've been keeping warm - planning for the year ahead. Have joined a new angling club which will give me access to the River Dane, and have tied loads of flies for the forthcoming trout season.
I shall post pictures of some of my creations as soon as my new camera arrives (with a macro lense no less!).
I've spent a fair amount of time, walking the banks of the Irwell recently checking out new xpots for the summer. Now that the dead foliage has been washed away by winter flood waters the incredible levels of rubbish can now be seen. Some rivers have sand and gravel banks, the Irwell seems to have rubbish brick and broken glass banks instead.
Lets see what the weekend brings.