I must be getting old, as i seem to be feeling the cold this year. Normally i manage to keep quite warm, but no matter how many layers i put on, it doesn't take long before i feel a chill in my bones.
This has resulted in me spending far less time than usual with a fishing rod in my hand. I've taken another trip up to Heskin Hall and battered the roach using a short whip and bread punch. I'm going to consign this venue to being a place where i take kids and beginners, as now I've sussed the place out, i find the fishing too easy. Despite a frosty start - i was getting a bite a chuck from roach and nice skimmers using punch and liquidised bread.
My only other trip was for an hour yesterday lunchtime when i spent an hour at the weir with two other fishing nutters, who are so addicted to fishing that they decided to have a fish during their lunch breaks. So the result was that Phil K, Nick and myself all blanked. Though the weak wintry sun and a good chat made for an enjoyable hour.
I've been spending a fair amount of time, walking the river banks this winter, hopefully sussing out some new spots for when the trout season opens. Roll on spring.