Fishing Nutters

Last Sunday f the first time in 2010 the day time temperature rose above freezing - so Phil. Pete, Tony and myself arranged to meet on the banks of a favourite stream.

Whilst away on holiday - i made the new year resolution that i wasn't going to use maggots as a bait in 2010. This resolution lasted about as long as previous years resolutions, as i had some 4 week old maggots - perfectly preserved by the cold weather, left over from my last trip in December.

So my new years resolution has appropriately been changed to I will not BUY maggots in 2010!

The snow was a good 6inches deep, but river was ice free, though a very dirty colour and very low.
I tried all the usually favourite spots, using very light tackle in the hope of a nice roach or two, but i couldn't get a bite.

Phil and Pete, hadn't even brought rods with them - they only came along for a chat. Tony had brought his xmas Youngs Trotting Travel Rod, a 6 piece 13ft job purchased from ebay - it stayed in its tube until just as the light was fading he quickly tackled up, threw a few maggots into the hot spot swim and promptly caught 2 cracking roach.

What a way to christen a new rod. Well done Tony.