Blowing A Hooley On The Ribble

Last Sunday afternoon saw me spending a few hours trotting an big avon float down the Ribble. It was a bit of a futile exercise really, as I've found that a delicate approach has given far better results this season. A really strong and gusting upstream wind put paid to the delicate approach, and as i only had my light trotting rod with me, my only choice was to use a heavy avon float.
No bites until i made my way upstream to a big deep pool at a bend in the river.
I was thrilled to see a pod of Salmon crashing about in the water, making big bow waves in the water as they jockeyed for position in the flow.
I thought i would chance my arm, so dug up a couple of worms in the corn field next to the river, and was amazed to see my float disappear on its first run down the swim. I struck, felt a brief resistance and then reeled in to find only a large silver scale adorning my hook.
I stuck things out for a further hour, before admitting defeat and trudging my way back to the car.
Things havent gone too well recently fishing wise having had lots of blank sessions. Observing riverside wildlife has been ample reward for the hours I've put in though - Kingfishers, mink, butterflies,foxes, herons, buzzards plus many more have made my time on the riverbank most enjoyable. Its not always about catching fish (though just one fish, even a small one would be nice).