Tench Heaven

I spent the late afternoon and evening with Phil-K at one of our club waters which is renowned for its large head of tench. Neither of us had fished this venue previously and despite being given a few pointers by friends as to which pegs to fish and tactics to use we both struggled to get bites.

I spent the afternoon watching my tip being plucked too and fro as small fish attacked the 10mm pellet I was using as hookbait but only had one really good wrap around bite which resulted in a new pb tench of 4lb 14oz.

Towards the end of the afternoon/evening both of our swims were fizzing with feeding fish, but no matter what bait we used we couldnt buy another bite. I'm looking forwards to another visit when i shall try using pole tactics to see if a better standard of bait presentation and more accurate ground baiting will see us catch more fish.

I'm not complaining though, big tench should be the reward for using a little watercraft rather than being just another lump in a commercial water piggery.