Response From The EA

Heres the response from the EA to the email I sent them a week ago regarding the recent pollution of the River Irk.

"Dear Mr Duddy,

River Irk, Manchester

Thank you for your enquiry. Please find below response from one of our officers.

This is an ongoing case. The source of the pollution was found on the day and the discharged was stopped. We are now undertaking enforcement action in accordance with our Enforcement & Prosecution Policy. There were very few dead fish and we also carried out an ecological survey.

If you have any additional queries please contact us at our e-mail address: or on the telephone number below quoting your reference number WTNGE29282.

Yours sincerely,
**** *******
External Relations Officer""

Now theyre not giving much away with that reply - but maybe as its an ongoing case then they're not allowed to give out too much information?
If anyone has any thoughts then I would appreciate your comments.