Pissed & Stoned

This post is nothing to do with my student days but an accurate description of last Sunday evenings fishing trip in downtown Salford.
I set up my usual trotting gear and waded out underneath a footbridge from which i had seen a shoal of bumper sized roach. Just as i struck into a lb+ fish i heard a shower of liquid hitting the water behind me. Distracted i looked up and saw three teenagers pissing off the bridge at me. Thinking that they couldn't pee so far i moved slightly downstream and out of range. After a brief exchange of Anglo Saxon the little blighters started to throw fist size rocks at me from their vantage point high above me on the bridge. This resulted in me having to wade quickly back up towards the bridge so i could take shelter from their increasingly accurate barrage. By the time I had climbed the banks so i could get a grip of them the little sods had buggered off, laughingly giving me the one fingered salute.
Despite having fed the swim with hemp and having a shoal of 50plus big roach queueing up to be caught I decided to remove myself from the local youths firing line and fish a safer swim 100yds upstream.
I caught steadily, roach, skimmers and chub - none of which were any size. I continued to have trouble with line sticking in my closed face reel and lost my first big brownie of the season which snapped my 4lb hooklength like cotton as it went aerial soon after i hooked it. I will fish that swim again one day though, but will make sure its early in the morning before the little sods get out of bed.