Letter to the Environment Agency

I am still smarting about the pollution incident on the River Irk. There seems to be no sort of news flow from the EA, and no updates in the local press. I hope that this incident is not going to be another which is swept under the carpet of a smoke filled room, so have written the following letter to the EA
"On the 14th April 2009 the River Irk in Manchester was polluted by some form of detergent/bleach entering the water course. Since then there has been no word in the press from either the EA or any other body giving information as to the cause of the pollution, what the pollutant was, and how much damage has been done to the river. I suspect that many miles have river have been damaged.
As one of the few anglers who fished this river, i would be most appreciative if you could give me some indication as to the cause and extent of the damage that has taken place.
Is a legal case being prepared by the EA against the company who have caused this incident?
And lastly what measures are being taken to re-introduce life back into the river. both vertebrates and invertebrates?
Kind Regards"

I will post their reply if I receive one.