Third Time Lucky

Given the choice of a few hours gardening, or a quickie on the river there was only going to be one winner. So after finishing work this evening I grabbed my fly gear and had a drive up to my favourite section of my local river.
Recent rains have added a little more colour and the extra flow is very noticeable. Using my favoured up stream tactics, I tied on a tungsten headed, red copper ribbed hares ear nymph, on point and a small black spider on the dropper. I worked my way through the swim beneath the aquaduct first without a take, but had the positive encouragement of seeing fish rise for the first time in ages.
After not getting a touch in the aquaduct pool I moved back down to the car park swim for the last hour or so, and had brief contact with two fish before landing this brownie.

As the light was fading I had a rummage about under some of the rocks in mid channel and caught this mean looking Bullhead and also a Stoneloach in my landing net.

There was one hell of a hatch of midges, and i was encouraged to see the occasional fish rising, but compared to last season the trout still seem to be really thin on the ground.