Piking In Manchester City Centre

An early start saw me on the river by about 8.15am. The river was low, slow and clear - the weather cold, bright and about minus 4 degrees - I must be crackers.
My original intentions were to have a search about on a few swims to see if i could catch any roach or chub using bread flake and liquidised bread. By the time Phil-K turned up at about 9.30 I still hadn't even got a bite.
Phil had brought his spinning gear with him, so i let him have a few casts through my swim to see if there were pike lurking (pike seem to enjoy a good lurk) in the vicinity. He enjoyed the same amount of luck that i did.
As we both had only a limited amount of time for fishing today we decided to head off towards the city centre to a length of river which we know always holds a few pike. I had my spinning gear in the back of the car so it wasn't necessary to take any detours on our way into town.

I tackled up with a bright orange Big S plug and used a very slow retrieve. I was lucky enough to connect with this beauty of a pike on my third cast.

It wasn't long before Phil had to pack up, and i only managed another half hour before receiving my summons.
This fish weighed 9 1/4 lbs and is my best ever Pike on a lure. I always enjoy pike fishing and catching this one has fired me up a little - I feel a trip to The Quays coming on!