Mere Beck

I spent the afternoon at Mere Beck with Phil and Tony. I blanked, as did Phil but Tony had a nice small blue trout. This was my first ever visit to this fishery, and i have to be honest and say that i think its lovely.
The small interlinked lakes are deep, and i think that only having a floating line today was a hindrance. I did get a good bite on a small green ptn late in the afternoon, but a shake of the fishes head threw the hook before i really got connected.
After starting out with all the best intentions, using spiders, buzzers and other imitative flies, as a blank seemed more and more likely i swapped over to a team of three lures (talk about a sign of desperation!).
Even this move didn't pay dividends - but at least i enjoyed some winter sun in wonderful surroundings. Due to this fisheries proximity to Martin Mere a RSPB reserve, we were treated to huge flying "V"s of geese late on in the afternoon. Some of these flocks must have had upwards of 150 birds - a truly memorable sight.