Xmas Fur & Feather Match

Today i competed in my first fishing match for 23 years!
As a regular reader of the maggotdrowners forum, i decided to go along to their Xmas fur and feather match to enjoy the banter and to put faces to names of people i have been swapping messages with over the last 12 months.
The match was held at Pennine View on their specimen lake, which holds a good head of silver fish. However the recent cold snap resulted in the lake having a thick coating of ice, which only completely melted in the 24 hours prior to the match.

In order to have the chance of a decent days sport it was essential to draw a peg with deep water, unfortunately the peg i drew was only 3 feet deep at the full length of my pole, and a lead bomb cast about 40yds hit bottom after only 2 or 3 seconds. Knowing that skimmer bream were the key to a winning weight, my original plan was to sit it out on a chopped worm feeder at distance, but after an hour without a bite, and nobody in my immediate vicinity having a bite on feeder i decided to change tactics. So out came the pole, with a very light float, a size 22 hook, 8oz bottom and a single pinkie as bait. Over the next four hours i teased out 10 tiny fish for a grand total of 2oz's - enough to come third in my section!! The angler to my left caught 20 fish for 4oz's to come second, and the angler to my right had a skimmer of 10oz to give him first place on the section.
The winner caught 9lb+ and as expected was pegged on the dam wall where the lake was deepest.
Despite the low weights i thoroughly enjoyed myself, and will hopefully get out again with a great set of chaps when they future matches.

Good job i was fishing the "specimen lake!".