Domestic Abuse

This year, i have learnt how effective gold ribbed hares ear flies are on my local river, so now that i am learning to make my own flies, its only natural that i am going attempt to make this pattern.
I bought most of the materials necessary to make this fly when i bought my first batch of equipment, but didn't have the gold headed beads which seem to be an essential component of this design. So during my lunch break i decided to take a trip to Hobby Craft in Bolton where Tony assured me i can purchase them. I am pleased to tell Phil-K that this gave me an excuse to drive past Wilsons Pie Shop in Kearsley where i bought my tastiest lunch of the week - jealous Phil?
So when i came home this evening, Lucia had a look in my paper bag to see what i had bought.
"Beads, beads, silver and gold little beads! Are you going to make me a necklace or some nice earrings from your beads and feathers? I cant believe my 6ft4 boyfriend is buying pretty beads!" Abuse similar to this was the flavour of the evening. Bolton Fly Tying Club has now been renamed "Mikes Knitting Circle" and my domestic credibility and status of "man of the house" severely undermined. Oh the shame.

However I'm not ashamed of these four flies i tied while Lucia was watching the intellectually stimulating "I'm a celebrity". I tied two with gold wire and two with red copper wire. Again two with coarse dubbing and two with a softer dubbing.