Salmon Quest Pt 7

I didnt even see a salmon today let alone hook one. However there were still a couple of highlights which made my day enjoyable.
Despite a chilly start to the morning with the thermometer in the car showing only 4degrees as i was driving up the M6, the sun soon burnt off the early morning mist, and i enjoyed a lovely sunny autumn day. The leaves on the trees are just starting to turn and it wont be long now before they turn brown, fall and fill the river full of bloody leaves.

The river has risen a good 2 -3 feet since my last visit on Sunday with Tony, and i thought that there might have been fish using the extra water to migrate upstream. I was wrong!

I can tell that the water temperature has fallen too, as after a few hours of wading in the river my feet and lower legs are absolutely freezing, and i need to get out and go for a walk about on the bank in order to get my circulation back.

I spent all day casting my spinners and spoons across the river, but didnt have any luck. The highlight of the day was seeing these two deer enjoying the late afternoon sunshine as i walked back to the car.