Lucky Charm

I think Phil should pay me to go fishing with him, as this year every time hes caught a new pb i have been there fishing with him. Pictured above is a 3 1/2 pound Rainbow Trout from a Shropshire venue that Big Dave took us to.
Phil then went on to catch a fish of 5lb which i am sure he will post on his blog - well done Phil!

As for myself, i too beat my pb Rainbow trout, first of all by catching a fish of 3lb 6oz pictured below, and the a fish of about 4.5lbs later on in the day.
The lake was about 3 acres, and very heavily stocked with Rainbows. I lost count of the number of fish we all caught and fish fell to all sorts of flies ranging from snipe and purple spider patterns to 1970's throwback baby doll patterns. By regularly swapping flies i eventually discovered that red and white lures were most productive, unfortunately i only had two flies of this colour mix, both of which ended up stuck in an overhanging tree.
We had a full day on the lake, in the company of Big Dave and some of his pals. It was a pleasure to meet Daves friends who turned out to be good company and excellent fishermen.
My arm is now aching due to the number of hard fighting Rainbows i have been catching today so this post is now done.
Have a look at Phils blog for more photos.