Salmon Quest Part 2

Up at the crack of dawn to get a few hours in before work. I spent another 3 1/2 hours flinging my spinners and flying c around the pool but had no takes or pulls and saw no fish moving.
The water levels are slowly dropping now and are now only about 2 feet above normal levels. This made wading easier today as the flow wasnt as strong and the water had a little more visibility.
The pool i am fishing, apparently fishes better the lower the water levels as it cause the fish to hold there, unable to progress up the incline in the river bed due to the shallownes of the water. The higher the water the easier it is for them to run upstream. With level as they are right now, the fish dont hold in the pool, just head on straight through in their journey to reproduce.
So far its 6.5 hours without a sniff. However the scenery is stunning and its much better than working!!

Weather and Lucia permitting i hope to get another try on Sunday afternoon.