Lengthening The Odds (Salmon Quest Pt 6)

Whilst accepting that it may take some time before i catch my first salmon, it might not be this season or the next, i went salmon fishing this afternoon on one the the rivers with the smallest and most fragile salmon runs of any river in the country. Talk about long odds, i went salmon fishing on the River Mersey.

Salmon only returned to the Mersey system in 2001 after an absence of over 200 years, and the run has grown steadily ever since, however the numbers of fish recorded at the fish counter at Woolaston are still very low. The pool in which i know salmon hold up in is only a 20 minute drive from my house and only a 20mile round trip instead of the 70 mile round trip to the Ribble, its the ideal place to go for an hour or so on a Sunday afternoon with Matt and Lucia.

Both Matt and Lucia know how to fish, so i enjoy taking them with me as i get time to fish as well as helping them.

As you have already guessed i didnt even see any salmon, let alone catch one, however i still had a great time. I tried worms under a stick float without any joy, and then changed tactics and tried spinning a variety of Mepps, Toby's and barr spoons across the pool. No joy from either.

I have now spent a total of 17.5 hours in pursuit of a Salmon, and even though i havent caught one yet i have seen loads of them. Each time a see or hear one of them crashing through the water i hope that its going to be my lucky day. Maybe tomorrow or the next time who knows, but it will be October soon, and rain is forecast so there will soon be more fish in the river and the odds will shorten.