Water Torture

It seems as though every time Lucia chooses a destination for a day out, it involves a visit to a top class fishing venue. Our latest day out led us to Malham Tarn in North Yorkshire, a very difficult water but famous for the size and beauty of its wild brown trout.

As we were entertaining visitors from abroad, Lucia chose to take them on one of our favourite circular walks around the spectacular rock formations of the upper Aire valley.

Gordale Scar, Malham Tarn, Malham Lings and Cove are features unique to this area and helped show our visitors from Slovakia some the diverse countryside which we enjoy and sometimes take for granted here in the north of England.

On our last day out togther Lucia decided to walk around Cow Green Resevoir a real trout mecca, and today she decided to really stick the boot in by taking me for a walk along the river and then to the Aspinall Arms for my dinner!

I wondered why she was smirking all day - that girl really knows how to wind me up. I knew it would have been suicidal to mention that i had a travel rod in the back of the car as i think she suffers enough with my fishing, and to get up to my tricks when her parents are visiting would be a step too far.

However, Malham Tarn, the headwaters of the River Aire and Cow Green are all high on my list of venues to visit next season, and it does no harm to have a look around a venue before you decide to fish.