Shropshire Day 1

Monday morning saw Big Dave, Matt and myself setting off down to Shropshire to a commercial complex which Dave invited us to. Matt has never really got amongst the carp before and had been looking forwards to this trip for ages.
There are 5 lakes at the complex all of which contain large numbers of carp, bream, tench roach and perch. We settled down on the first morning on Orfe Lake. We fished sweet corn over 4mm pellets tight up against the margin rushes and caught fish all day. As i have never really got to grips with pole fishing i only used the first three sections of my pole using a power top with 20's elastic. This set up was too strong and i bumped quite a few fish before swapping over to a 12's elastic which resulted in landing alot more fish.
Matt started off catching small carp and tench, but as the average size of carp increased so did his smile.
Dave meanwhile was intent on showing us the potential of the venue and was quietly building a decent net of fish. I very rarely use a keepnet, but Dave is an old match fisherman and loves the competitive side of fishing so i was happy to become his pools fodder.

Dave caught the biggest fish of the day of 11.5lbs but one of Matts ran him close. By the end of the day Dave had nearly 50lb of fish, i had about 35 with Matt getting up to just over 20lb.
We fished all day, and packed up as the light faded.