Return To The Cliff

I spent a couple of hours fishing the river at "the cliff" yesterday evening. It started chucking it down as i was setting up, and as usual the river coloured immediately and started to rise. (a good six inches in two hours). I started off trotting maggots through the faster waters at the top of the cliff stretch, but after an hour all i had for my efforts was a short fight from a smallish fish, which threw the hook in the fast water.
I had always intended to fish two swims this evening, so i moved down stream 100yds to a flat deep section where theres 6ft of water only 1 rod length out. A few bait dropper fulls of maggots at the head of my trot, and a couple of casts later a smallish chub of about 12oz graced my landing net. Action then dissappeared untill i repeated the feed via the bait dropper and another fish of about a pound came to the net.
It was going dark and the river was rising so i called it quits. Looking back through my records its 6 months since i fished this part of the river, which i have always said is my favoutite.