Fishing On The Mersey

Yesterday evening i had my first ever session on the River Mersey. I haven't really explored the opportunities that this river has to offer and so far i only know one swim which looks good to fish in. As i only really know the one swim a weirpool and i didnt have time to have a proper explore, i decided to fish water i already knew.
After the recent heavy rains the river was high and coloured, and the water was really flowing strongly over the lip of the weir, turning the normally gentle weir pool, into a boiling maelstrom.
Using my customary tactics of avon float and centre pin, i trotted double maggot down the inside line about 15 ft out.
I caught a succession of small chub and dace for two hours, but for some reason i felt freezing cold and decided to call it a day. It was thoroughly enjoyable fishing with all of the fish in fantastic condition and i think that i will be coming here more often over the next couple of months. The highlight of the day was catching my first dace of the season. I cant believe its taken me so long to catch a dace this year as all the local rivers are full of them.