Fishing With Dad

I had an evening on the local river with my dad. After recent rains the river was well up and the a very dirty brown colour. I wasnt too hopeful of a good evenings sport, but i had arranged this session with the old fella for a few days now, and it was an opportunity i didnt want to miss as its about 5 years since we last went fishing together.

We started off in the mill race swim, where my dad had a couple of takes on nymphs but no fish landed. I took the opportunity to fish the tail end of the swim with stick float and maggot for the first time, and was rewarded with 5 trout in less than an hours fishing - the largest a cracking 2lber which ran me all over the swim before finally succumbing. Unfortunately the photos of the fish were taken on my mobile and are very blurred. Shame really as it was my best brownie from the river so far.

I offered my dad the use of my rod, but he declined preferring to drop down stream and try out the viaduct pools. Again he had a few takes on a bloody butcher but didnt manage to land any fish. The water in this pool was really steaming through so i didnt really bother with the stick float. As usual for an evening session, we packed up in the gloom and was dark by the time we got back to the car. I have always enjoyed fishing with my dad, tonight was no exception.