Bradshaw Hall

Photo above is Matts making a bream face - not a bad impression!

Took a trip to Bradshaw Hall this afternoon with Matthew, Big Dave and Matts friend from rugby James, his father Paul and a first time angler Pat - a real motley crew!

As always when taking youngsters and first timers fishing, the main objective of the day is to ensure lots of bites, and the possibility of a fish that will have the lads reels screaming. Bradshaw Hall is a local commercial fishery, stuffed with silver fish and loads of bonus carp fitted the bill perfectly.

We all caught loads of roach, perch and gudgeon fishing waggler floats and maggots close in. Matt and I were both trying out new poles, so we alternated our lines between maggot and soft pellet. We both caught some nice skimmers, but the carp werent showing, and i only had one carp on about 5 minutes before we packed up. My float dissappeared, and i lifted into a fish that instantly ran out 10 metres of 18's elastic before the rig popped back at me. Its ages since i have fished the pole, but am going to a fishery in Shropshire for a couple of days next week with Matt and Big Dave where carp fishing using a pole is the standard method, so am obvioulsy in need of some practice.

We all caught loads of silver fish, and Pat who had never been fishing before was chuffed to bits with his catch of 30+fish. I dont often fish commercials, but they are a great place to take kids and new anglers because if you can drum into them the importance of loose feeding a little and often they can get regular action all day long.